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About Us

Like many, our family thought that as long as we were recycling, plastic wasn’t a problem. It came as a shock when we realized how wrong we were.  This was the start of our journey to significantly change the way we shop to better support a clean and thriving world for future generations to enjoy. 

Inspiration for The Sustainability Shoppe

Growing up as a child during WW2, my grandmother never took anything for granted.  Some would describe her practices as frugal however, today they can also be described as an incredible example of zero-waste sustainable living. 

  • No piece of clothing ever got thrown out - it was transformed into everything from quilts to cleaning rags.
  • No scrap of food was ever wasted - she remembered what it was for food to be in short supply.
  • Locally sourced food came from her large backyard garden - fresh, frozen, or preserved fruit and vegetables would be eaten all year long.
  • And lastly, she never threw out a box, bottle, or container with a lid - they were always repurposed in some way for food, storage, or planters.
She found a use for everything and could never understand why we all threw everything out saying "Your generation wants everything new… you don’t think about how much you’re wasting”. While she was referring to our wasteful spending, I now see that we also weren’t thinking about the impact all of our waste was having on the planet.

Fast forward 20 years and our generation is struggling to find balance between convenience and sustainability.  One answer: Make it easier to reuse things by delivering products to people’s doors in reusable mason jars that they can keep or return for a rebate.  Then, reuse those jars again and again and again, just like my grandmother would have.