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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1): This all looks great, but how does it work?

Answer 1):  If you live (or work) in our delivery zone (check map here), simply browse our product line and add items to your cart in either the 500ml or 1000ml sizes. We then fill the mason jars with your products, clearly label them, and deliver them in a kraft (recycled) paper bag. Most customers then reuse and refill their own product dispensers directly from the mason jars, although we do sell accessories that you can use with the mason jars to make them dispensers. Once the jars are empty, simply rinse them out and on your next order/delivery, set them outside for us to pickup when we are delivering your order.  After we pickup any empty jars, we will email you a credit refund (Promo Code of $1.25 per jar) to use on your next order. Simply enter the code during checkout on your next order and the value will be deducted from your total.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, we are currently separating our order delivery and pickup of empty mason jars for the safety of our drivers and customers. Please contact us to arrange for a separate pick up.

Question 2): How does Delivery work? Do I need to be home? When can I expect it?

Answer 2): As long as you order by 12pm (noon) on Thursday, your order will be delivered between 9am and 6pm on the Saturday of the same week (unless due to inclement weather or delivery volumes, and then delivery will be on Sunday – you will be notified by email in advance if this occurs). You don’t need to be home to receive the order and it will be placed as inconspicuously as possible at your front door. If you have special instructions, please include them when you order (or send us an email at: , quoting your Order #, and let us know the instructions). Once the delivery is made, you will receive an email stating that the order has been delivered. 

Question 3): Do you deliver to apartment/condo buildings?  

Answer 3): If your building has a concierge that accepts deliveries, we leave it there. Should that not be the case, then we can deliver right to your door so long as we can get access. If there’s a buzzer code please add it to the instructions during checkout. Your order will be left in front of your door and we are not responsible for stolen/missing orders. If needed, we will do our best to arrange a more specific delivery timetable with you. Please include that in the notes section when you order.

Question 4): Can I use my own containers for refill or delivery?  

Answer 4): Unfortunately, not. Due to costs and logistics we cannot pickup your personal containers to refill and return at this time. 

Question 5): Glass jars are fragile. Are they safe to use in the bathroom/shower? 

Answer 5): We highly recommend that you reuse and refill your own dispensing containers from the mason jars, however we do have accessories that make using the mason jars directly as dispensers possible and safer. 

Question 6): How are the mason jars reused? 

Answer 6): After we pick them up from you, we take them into a separate area of our production to be inspected. If they pass inspection (i.e no cracks, chips, scratches or dents) then the jars are washed and sterilized at a high-temperature to ensure they are completely clean for reuse.

Question 7): I have other questions??? 

Answer 7): Click here and ask us! We normally respond in 12hrs or less!