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Silicone Sleeve for Mason Jar

Silicone Sleeve for Mason Jar

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These 'frost' coloured silicone sleeves for *regular mouth* mason jars (500ml and 1000ml) add grip and padding, and they also insulate. We have tested them on the jars we use, but please note they may not fit all vintage or other jars.

Whether you call it a Koozie, a Kozie, a Coozy, a Cozy, or just a sleeve, it’s perfect for protecting your glass jar from breakage. We highly recommend using these in wet areas or where glass breakage is of greater concern.

Made of 100% silicone rubber, these sleeves are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! Silicone is a safe, green, non-plastic (BPA free) material that does not leach any chemicals.

Please note - the sleeves are a very tight fit to prevent slipping off while using. When putting on the sleeve follow these instructions:

1) Place the sleeve upright on top of a flat surface (e.g table top)

2) Hold the mason jar level above the upright sleeve.

3) Lower the jar over the sleeve and push downward. The sleeve should slip on at least a portion of the jar.

4) Continue to apply downward pressure and with your fingertips, pull up along the top edges of the sleeve, gradually pulling the entire sleeve on. Do the opposite to remove the sleeve.